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Teen Help is a website for all teens, parents, and professionals. We include information on parenting teenagers, troubled teens, teen issues, treatment programs, and other related topics.
Our site features a unique newsletter, articles, and a full glossary of terms. We will be launching a parent support forum as well as a teen discussion forum.


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 Teen Drug Abuse Teen drug abuse is a major concern for society today. Troubled teen statistics on teenage drug abuse, illegal and over-the-counter, warning signs of teen drug abuse, the types of drugs used by teens, street names, prevention, and treatment.   Teen Depression Are you a struggling teen or parent of a struggling teen? Be informed of the warning signs of depression, what causes teen depression, teen depression statistics, prevention and treatment options for depressed teens. 
 Parenting Teens Parenting a teen is always a challenge. To help meet those challenges, read articles on house rules, rewards and consequences. Includes troubled teen programs, troubled teen schools, boot camps, military schools, and other teen help options.   Teen Alcohol Abuse Teen alcohol abuse statistics are eye opening. Parents are dealing with teen binge-drinking and teen alcoholism more than ever. Includes alcohol statistics, troubled teen warning signs, prevention and treatment of teen alcohol abuse. 
 Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy statistics are staggering. What can we do to help combat teen pregnancy? Get teen help and info on the reasons teens get pregnant, prevention, teenage pregnancy statistics, options for pregnant teens and the effects.   Teen Issues Teen driving, dating, online safety, MySpace, teenage rebellion, home life, teasing, teen gambling, shoplifting are just some of the issues teens are dealing with everyday. Get help on these teen issues and problems. 
 ADD / ADHD Are ADD and ADHD the same? Is medication the only treatment for ADD / ADHD or do schools and programs for ADD / ADHD work? Find answers, statistics, and warning signs of Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.   Teen Suicide Teen suicide is a scary topic, but these articles will inform you on the warning signs of a struggling or troubled youth, teen suicide statistics, causes of teen suicide, ways to prevent teen suicide, where to get help and information on grief counseling. 
 Adolescent Development Topics on adolescent development covering: self-image, self-esteem, friends, morals - values, honesty - integrity, peer pressure, being a successful teen, independence and other problems or issues.   Teen Health Teen health includes information on nutrition and exercise for teens, acne, and teen obesity, as well as articles on teen smoking - statistics and prevention - and teen cutting and teen self-mutilation / self-injury - includes definitions and stats. 
 Teen Sexuality It's the teenage years that sexuality issues become prevalent. Teen bodies mature and sex becomes a major topic of discussion. Info and help on: maturation, sex education, birth control, abstinence, STDs, menstruation, being in love, and much more.   Teen Violence There are several reasons attributed to teen violence. Read the statistics, risk factors, warning signs and causes of teen violence. Among them - teen anger, gang involvement, violent games, fire setting. Learn how to help prevent teen violence. 
 Teen Abuse Emotional and verbal abuse may be just as damaging to a teen or child as physical and sexual abuse. Education on different types of child abuse - emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse - stats and the effects of child abuse.   Eating Disorders Teens and youth are especially vulnerable to eating disorders because of their developing self-image. Teen eating disorders include bulimia, anorexia and binge eating. Find statistics, signs, causes, prevention and treatment for eating disorders. 
 Teen Stress Teens stress over many things, parents, homework, school, relationships, friends. Teen stress and anxiety is on the rise. Find articles on statistics, warning signs, teen stress management and anxiety, and finding relief for a stressed teen.   Learning Disabilities One of the biggest problems regarding child learning disabilities is they go undiagnosed. Help and info for a teen learning disability. Types, statistics and signs of learning disabilities, how to create an IEP and what is Rule 504 & how it can help. 
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